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JD-Yarn 2500

Multipass Corrugated Inkjet Printer

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Fully automatic and intelligent system

  • Belt vacuum suction system.

  • Automatic leading edge feeding; automatic skip printing.

  • One key automatic print head cleaning and moisturizing system.

  • Automatic fault monitoring system.

Professional software

  • Nozzle can be controlled to jet or non-jet ink, feather operation to eliminate black line at joints area of nozzles.

  • The software supports arbitrary arrangement of color data and can be compatible with various RIP software.

  • With order management function, orders of different sizes can be changed quickly and freely.

  •  It can adjust the printing position of the image flexibly in the printing area for convenient alignment.

  • Calculate the ink consumption of the printed artwork, helping to know the ink consumption in real time.


Meet various needs

  • Applicable to various types of corrugated boards.

  • Satisfies requirements of variable data printing, such as barcode and QR code.

  • UV solution is suitable for a wider variety of substrate.


For individualization requirements


  • Support all kinds of sheets specifications, customized printing effect based upon demand, aiming at small, new and fast orders.

  • Ink-jet nozzle + control technology + special ink.

  • Every sheet can be printed with unique QR code.


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