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JETS400 won the German IF Design 2022 award

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Recently, the iF Product Design Award announced the winners of the 2022 award.

The JETS400 corrugators line, designed by Jingshan Light Machine, stood out from the crowd and won the IF Design Award for the product's simple and unique appearance, excellent functional design, ultimate user experience and good social benefits, which were unanimously recognised by the expert jury.

Founded in 1953, the iF International Design Award is annually organised by the IF Industrial Forum Design in Hannover, Germany's oldest industrial design institution.

The iF product design award is internationally recognised as a prestigious award in the field of contemporary industrial design and is one of the world's top three design prizes, together with the Red Dot and IDEA awards.

The iF design awards are renowned for their 'independence, rigour and reliability' and are designed to identify innovative, bold and futuristic imaginations.

Jingshan Light Machine has always adhered to a user-centred product development philosophy.

We firmly believe that excellent design must balance aesthetics and practicality and this is definitively reflected in the JETS400 corrugators line: the appearance of the entire line was designed with the use of the Jingshan Light Machine logo to create a new image, paying more attention to detail, the software operating interface was optimised to improve the perception of appearance and we achieved the integration of the equipment with people and the environment, significantly improving the visual perception of users.

Over the years, Jingshan Light Machinery has insisted on independent innovation, constantly overcoming the limits to the development of packaging equipment, improving the level of automation and intelligence of production lines and achieving high efficiency and energy savings.

In terms of high speed and wide width, the JETS400 line is designed to reach 400 m/min with a width of 3300 mm.

Thanks to the application of many cutting-edge technologies, energy consumption has been reduced by 20 per cent, while the entire machine requires only four people to operate.

The intelligent software management system allows mobile devices, such as mobile phone APPs and laptops, to keep track of the operational status and energy consumption data of the production plant at any time and any place.

By using this product, customers can reduce labour, increase production capacity, save energy and reduce consumption, while significantly reducing factory running costs and safety risks.

The successful development of the JETS400 also achieved good social benefits: it bridged the technical shortcomings of the industry's supply chain in terms of ultra-wide width and high speed, enabling the Chinese corrugated paper production line to significantly improve its innovation capacity and achieve international leadership; it served as an inspirational model to stimulate technological innovation in the same sector and promote the high-speed, high-quality development of the intelligent packaging industry; it effectively reduced the use of raw materials and energy in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, in line with the requirements of China's long-term green and sustainable scientific development concept.

Industrial design is the core of product quality improvement and the ability to constantly innovate: Jingshan Light Machinery's designed products have achieved the goal of moving out of China and into the international arena.

In the future, we will continue to work hard to launch more products with user-centred design concepts and to lead Made in China with innovative design!


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