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About J.S. Machine Europe

J.S. Machine is an international and diversified manufacturing company leader in the design and production of equipment for the corrugated packaging sector: high-speed corrugators, flexo folder gluers, digital printers and intelligent logistic systems.

Founded in 1957 in China, J.S. Machine started its early business in farm tools and from 1974 it began to develop packaging machinery, accumulating over time considerable experience and know-how, from the packaging of paper reels up to the printing on corrugated cardboard.

In March 2020 J.S. Machine officially entered in the European territory, successfully completing the start-up of a production plant in Carate Brianza, just outside Milano.


Today we have distribution companies and offices in foreign central cities such as Milano, Istanbul, Moscow, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok, marketing service areas in the United States and in China and high-quality international team business covering more than 60 countries and regions around the world: we have established an active local presence and local staff to support the customer in every area.

The Team

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