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Our Products
and services

J.S. Machine Europe manufactures a complete line of corrugating machinery and equipment.

Each of our machine is custom designed for each type of plant and is able to satisfy both fast sets for short orders and long runs.

J.S. Machine Europe offers 7/24 multilingual on-site and remote service as well.

Our products are CE and ISO9001 certified.

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JETS 300/400 Corrugator

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JD-SLIM 2800 Digital Printer

Fully automated corrugator with width from 1800mm up to 3300mm.

High-speed water-based ink-jet digital printer. 

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JS Folder 900/1200

Fix type case maker with speed up to 350 sheets/min.

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JS Printer 900/1200

Open/Close type ECO case maker up to 7 colors.

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JD-Yarn 2500

Multipass corrugated inkjet printer.

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JD-Xquis 2500


Digital folder gluer.

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Open Type Flexo Bottom Printing

foto mini js printer

JS Printer Mini 618  

Specially designed for small sheet, open type units, top-printing structure.

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